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Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live

― John Woods

The Road So Far...

The Genesis

Since i was a child i had a passion for gizmos, electronics and technology, but have the opportunity to use a computer at that time, it was difficult. Then in adolescence, the world of computers come to me. I tried to find out more, and in a few months I found myself doing my first program.

The Future is Today

Currently my focus skills is more emphasized in web technologies, including JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, ASPx, Ajax, REST, CSS3, HTML5 and entering in the world of NodeJS. But not restricted to web technologies, over the years i have gained competencies in Delphi, VB.net, C#, Java, Python and others.

What Happens Next

My biggest ambition is to add to my portfolio of knowledge, languages like C, C++ and Assembly in the next three years. I also want to know more paradigms, methodologies and programming conventions to not only know how to do different solutions, but to be effective in each of them.


My name is Tiago Marques and I am curious. I try to learn more about everything, and seek solutions to the problems around me. Computer appeared halfway through my teens and I was winning, giving more thirst for knowledge, and every day grow professionally in the adventure that is knowledge.
  • 2018

    Student Software Developer | Howdy - Worklife Barometer

    Howdy - Great science behind a small model Together with a team of business psychologists, we have developed the well-being tool Howdy, who, with the scientific questionnaire WHO-5 in the back, gives you an overview and relevant up-to-date information on well-being at work. Howdy also gives your employees the opportunity to stop, notice and follow their own well-being. It may sound like a time waster, but in fact, it is only about five questions every 14 days, which on average takes less than a minute to answer.

  • 2018

    AP Computer Science | Zealand Institute of Business and Technology

    Zealand - Sjællands Erhvervsakademi

  • 2017

    Fullstack Developer | UBIWHERE

    ▪ Development of web platforms aimed at Portuguese gastronomy and tourism, using technologies such as GIT, Docker, Angular.js, React, Django, Wordpress & Yii2 Framework and MySQL.

  • 2015

    Software Developer | Bi-Silque

    Member of the software development team (Bi-Bright) in the Bi-Silque group, located in Esmoriz - Aveiro

    ▪ Development of mobile application to scan and annotate documents and boards, with Xamarin Android/iOS ;
    ▪ Development of annotation software for desktop and interactive whiteboards using Node - Webkit JS for macOS and Windows, with possibility to collaborate in real-time with another devices though WebRTC (including tablets, with Cordova client app);
    ▪ Development of multi level radial menu, dynamically rendered with SVG;
    ▪ Developed module using design-pattern Publish-Subscriber to manage a complex user interaction flow;
    ▪ Developement of audio recording module for Android and iOS Xamarin;

    Apart from my duties, I will also enrich my knowledge with courses.

  • 2015

    Web Developer | Evoke it

    I developed web solutions for internal projects and customers:
    - Memory Game (aka Match Pairs game) using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, FacebookAPI and mongoDB (and was later carrying for SQLite);
    - RestAPI prizes management, using the PHP framework Yii2 and MySQL;
    - Slotmachine system, applying the HTML5 Canvas technology, Javascript, TweenMax e TweenTimeline, Yii2 (for back-office), Ajax, MySQL and Memcached.

  • 2014

    Course of Technical Specialisation in Programming Information Systems | ESTGA

    Started in 2013, this course has allowed me to gain and solidify skills in the field, including:
    - C# .NET;
    - Java;
    - Asp MVC5 C#;
    - Algorithms;
    - Microsoft SQL Server e T-SQL;
    - Ergonomy and Usability;
    - Networking and Protocols;
    - Computer Security;
    - System Analysis, Requirements and UML Modeling;
    - SciLab.

  • 2013

    Web Design | Mansauto

    Portal for company of cars body repair, with history, contacts and small online store to order used car parts.
    Developed on CMS Wordpress and with Cart66 plugin for e-commerce system.

  • 2013

    Online Course MIT | Edx

    Course of Introduction to programming, using the Python 2.7 programming language, where I acquired the bases of language.
    One of the exercises gave me more pleasure that course was to develop in console, the Hangman game.

  • 2012

    Professional Course of Business Informatics (High School)| EBSO

    Started in 2009, this course was I gained my first major programming bases, namely:

    • Algorithms
    • Pascal
    • Visual Basic .NET
    • PHP

Skills in perspective







I'm also familiar with...

Desktop Mobile Web Databases
C# Android / Xamarin Android PHP MySQL
Delphi Windows Phone Javascript Microsoft SQL Server
Pascal iOS Ajax MongoDB
VB Cordova NodeJS SQLite
Python Ionic Asp Mvc5  
Java   Yii2  
Node-Webkit   CSS3  
UWP   jQuery  

People I worked with


Soon i will write some articles 🙂
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Abr 1

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