I’ve been working in a Node-WebKit app for the last months, and it has been the most awful thing I’ve ever done.
I just can’t understand why there are so many dependencies and sub-dependencies between modules.
Moreover, some modules are just ridiculously simple, modules like “is nan” or “is array”, things you do with pure js with 2 or 3 lines of code.
And then stupid things, like the almost collapse of the web happens.
Maybe it’s me that I’m wrong, if so, will anyone explain me why NW-JS/Node.JS are the way they are?
But I think it’s just wrong bringing web technologies to desktop apps or mobile apps, when JS isn’t properly the most efficient or “fine tuned” programming language.
But this is just my opinion, and I’m really looking forward for another opinions.

As such, I end my first outburst.